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STAY & PLAY: Complimentary Wine Tasting

Everyone wondered if we could grow grapes in Tweed. Yes, we were doubted at the beginning. We were a company with big dreams, but we were told constantly that there was no way to grow grapes and start a successful business in our part of the world. We knew that we were going to create the most delicious and full of flavor wine (jam-packed with carefully-chosen ingredients) possible and we had the motivation to prove it.

Nearly 2 decades of testing. Nearly 2 decades of learning. We quashed all the disbelievers and we became the most experienced wine creators in the industry. This had to be about more than mass manufacturing wine! We had to deliver quality and we had to prove that our location delivered something new and exciting. We hope to see you here this coming season to join us in tasting the most beautiful wine from the most beautiful vineyards.