Poplars Golf Club

WEBSITE: http://www.poplarsgolfclub.com

PHONE: (613) 478-2038

STAY & PLAY: $36 for 18 holes and half cart

Welcome to Poplars Golf Club!


Like you we LOVE the great game of GOLF, those first early morning quiet steps across dew-drenched grass or a soft autumn mist painted between trees…You carefully position yourself to take your first graceful swing of the day, focused and steady. The golf ball soars high, sailing away from the tee over the fairway toward the next green. Ah, the ball bounces into excellent position. Those lessons at the driving range are really making a difference; you smile to yourself.

Nestled in the heart of the eastern Ontario’s vacation region, Poplars Golf Club is just a 40-minute drive from breathtaking Bon Echo Provincial Park or a stone’s throw north of Belleville; it’s no surprise that this lovely course attracts golfers from near and afar. Why not register to receive Poplars’ newsletters and promotionsright in the comfort of your own home?

Getting back to the game…As the sun warms, you continue along the soft green course.  Your game is going great and you feel like a pro, well almost. There are probably just a few things you could still use from the pro shop and you like their prices. Yard after yard, you notice and appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape surrounding you – 175 lovely spacious acres decorated with oak, ash, elm, spruce, pine, cedar and of course poplar. In the last five years alone, 4,500 trees have been planted to preserve and foster this welcome tranquility for present and future generations.

You decide to book an early tee off time for the same day next week; your score card clearly indicates you are a ‘morning’ golfer. Besides there’s nothing like a delicious lunch at the licensed clubhouse following a round of golf with your friends. The covered patio provides a relaxing sheltered space overlooking the 1st, 9th, 10th and 18th holes; so you can cheer on your friends as they tally up their final scores. A few lunchtime menu favourites include the all-beef foot-long hotdogs, home-style egg salad sandwiches and fresh veggie wraps for vegetarian golfers. The staff at Poplars Golf Club is known for their friendly and courteous service.

Why not come out and experience all that Poplars Golf Club in Tweed has to offer.