WRITTEN BY: Justin Collette

MUSIC BY: Justin Collette & Danielle Leger



Tweed & Co. Theatre searched the country to find the most successful Canadian band that ever graced the stage and what they found was Stalkyard Hurts.

This “mockumentary” style musical follows the rock band on their reunion tour as we learn about what brought them together and why they were such a success. From the band that wrote such hits such as LOVE and SDRAWKCAB, the first backwards song ever to be performed live, we also discover why they choose to end their most successful tour midway through their run. The band is doing one last tour featuring a collection of their greatest hits. Hopefully, this time they’ll make it to their big hometown show.

This original Canadian fictional musical features all new pop music in the style of ABBA and Fleetwood Mac while featuring an incredible cast of Canadian musical theatre performers and comedians!


The Canadian premiere of Stalkyard Hurts was created by Justin Collette and Danielle Leger in association with Tweed & Company Theatre with video direction by Joel MacMeekin

The show made its Canadian premiere at the Marble Church Arts Centre, 13 Bridgewater Road, Actinolite on Wednesday, May 16 through May 26.

This initial workshop production of the musical was a great success and produced a large amount of interest in the show.  After almost two years of rewrites and continued workshops, there is some very exciting news coming for 2015!  Stay tuned!!!