TWEED: The Musical

*WINNER* of the BroadwayWorld award for Best Independent Production, 2011


MUSIC & LYRICS BY: Andre Morin


Tweed: A New Canadian Musical tells the story of the founding of a small town in Ontario, and the trials and tribulations of some of the first settlers there as they try to grow a life for themselves, in a new community, in a new time, and with new struggles.  This show follows our two main characters David and Sarah as they both find their footing in this burgeoning little town, and fall in love, only to be ripped apart by stereotypes, prejudice and war.  Will this small community survive and thrive, and will David and Sarah be able to carve out a life for themselves?


TWEED is a new Canadian Musical by Tweed & Co. Artistic Director Tim Porter, and Composer Andre Morin (Stratford Festival, Stirling Festival).  The show originally came about with the desire of these two young performers to write a show together, and the concept of writing a piece about the founding of small town Ontario peaked both of their interests.  They began writing the show while they were both performing in a production at the Stirling Festival Theatre and living in the Actor House there.  After the two month contract, they felt they had enough of a shell to continue working on the project, and both went away to work on their piece.

Tim continued to write the book of the musical while he toured the country over the course of the next year and he and Andre remained in constant contact.  When they finally felt they had a fairly solid piece of theatre, Tim suggested that they present a workshop of the production the following year with his group, then IANA Theatre Company.  Plans were made, parts were cast, finishing touches were put on, and in 2010, the show went up.

TWEED was first presented in a workshop format at the Marble Arts Centre in Actinolite, ON, just outside of Tweed.  The show starred Amanda Struthmann as Sarah, David Light as David, and Melissa O’Neil as Veira.  It was choreographed by Stephan Dickson and Ashley Earl.  The show was a huge success within the community, and marked the first large musical to be presented at the newly purchased Marble Arts Centre, now a staple of the performing arts community in Hastings County, and Tweed and Co. Theatre’s home.

The show was such a success that it transferred to Toronto the following year, and was presented at the Papermill Theatre at Todmorden mills.  This beautiful historic venue is a state of the art theatre owned by the city of Toronto in the Don Valley Moraine.  The show was well received and played to decent houses over the course of it’s two week run.  This time around the show starred Amanda Struthmann as Sarah, Nathan Carroll as David, Sarah Strange as Veira, and Loretta Bailey as the mother.  The show won the award for Best Independent production in 2011, and will go down as one of Tweed & Co’s most ambitious and successful productions to date.

The show is now on the back burner for Tweed & Co as we continue to create and explore many new and exciting projects, but as with most of our shows it continues to receive fine tuning, and some major re-writing, and will most likely see a presentation at some point again in the near future.

“Writer/director Tim Porter and composer Andre Morin have produced an engaging score that covers a wide range of styles, with lyrics that lift above the banal.” -Paula Citron, Classical FM Toronto

*Nominated for 20 BroadwayWorld awards, winner of Best Independent Production*