Julie Kevan & Peter Brown


This page is dedicated to saying thanks and sending some love to all of our incredible supporters, sponsors and volunteers!  We couldn’t do it without you, and the success of our company and accomplishments of the past five seasons are due in great part to your support.

So thank you!!!

We are a not for profit organization that relies heavily on the support of our sponsors and volunteers.  If you have ever considered becoming a member of our organization, or are looking for a fun and fulfilling part time volunteer opportunity, we would love to have you!  Please contact us at for more information.


In 2011 we established an advisory panel in the municipality of Tweed which has been a great help in guiding the organization and in promoting our events and enhancing our work.  If you are looking to join an exciting and passionate group who is dedicated to the enhancement of live performance in Tweed and in Hastings County we want to hear from you!!!  The panel meets mostly through e-mail and social media, and is a terrific guiding light for our company.  If you think you would be interested in joining our advisory panel please email us at

We are also currently looking at many other projects to help keep our company sustainable, viable, and thriving in the community.  One such project would be the founding of a theatre guild, who’s responsibility it would be to help fundraise, organize events, promote the organization, and create a capital campaign to create exciting opportunities and potential for the future.  More on that soon!


We have been incredibly lucky to have the support of many fantastic people and organizations over the past eight years as we grow our organization.  We are very pleased to now recognize those individuals and groups as the founding members of TWEED & COMPANY THEATRE.  THANK YOU!


  • Don DeGenova & Dr. Charles Mustard
  • Maureen & David Porter
  • Judy & Peter Mewett
  • Roely Devries
  • Terry Probst
  • John & Nancy MacMeekin


  • Tetra-Chem Chemical Company
  • The Tweed & Area Arts Council
  • The Great Stoco & Moira Food Company
  • The Tweed News
  • Gaylord Hardwood Flooring
  • Moira Place
  • Poplars Golf Club
  • Bush Furniture
  • Koba Family Entertainment
  • Steven Thomas Construction


  • Don Herbertson
  • Nancy Snowdon
  • Jim & Sharon Pederson
  • Jane Porter
  • Mike and Maureen Quinn
  • Vicki McCulloch
  • Bill & Patti Marlin
  • Ann Bowry
  • Lana Ray
  • Daniel Porter
  • Emilee Nimetz
  • Andre Morin
  • Geoff William-Scott
  • Kim & Jeff Bates Kane
  • Lacy Meeks
  • Ashley Keefer
  • Marco Bernardi
  • Kaylan Lindsay
  • Valerie Casault
  • Nathan Carroll
  • Karine Berube
  • Andrew Willett
  • Danny Malena
  • Jamie Thornley
  • Jocelyn Perry
  • Sarah Porter
  • Linda Horn
  • Ashley Earl
  • Colin Jones
  • Jordan Probst
  • Jordann Zaza
  • David Light
  • The Martin Family
  • Julia Sunay
  • Allan Gillespie
  • Emileigh Kozdas
  • Jacquie Martin
  • Jon Deighan
  • Sarah Strange
  • Stephan Dickson
  • Sarah Sheps
  • Amanda Struthmann
  • Sara Wilkinson
  • Thomas Alderson
  • Justin Collette
  • Daniel Williston
  • Tristan Haynes Lindsay
  • Shawn Hurford
  • James King
  • Wayne Dailey
  • Stephen Cullen
  • Nicole Montgomery
  • Danielle Leger
  • Robert Graham
  • Mark Willett
  • Heather Mastromarco
  • Sam Marchionda
  • Paige Robson-Cramer
  • Kim & Dan Dafoe
  • Julie Kevan
  • Brittany Brennan
  • Katy Jones
  • Christopher Coyea & Alex Fleuriau Chateau
  • Ashley Armstrong