It May be Called HOT MESS, but this Show is Sure to Impress!

HOT MESS: A Way Too Intimate Evening of Stories & Song with Kelly Holiff Explores the Musical Industry in a Fun and Outlandish Way You’ve Never Experienced Before

Since it’s inception in 2009, it was clear that Tweed & Company Theatre had a mission, and a will to see that mission come to fruition. “We started off small, but with a very clear idea of what we wanted to produce, and what we wanted to offer to the region,” says founding and current Artistic Director Tim Porter, “We knew we wanted to create high quality, professional musical theatre in the town that we love, and make something lasting and special for the community there, and I’m pretty sure we’ve accomplished that.”

Tweed & Company has grown from one or two short runs a season to approximately 8 productions and 30 some odd performances throughout the year. Their shows have gone on to be recognized across the province, winning BroadwayWorld Awards, being named Hastings County Tourism Champions of the Year, and most recently one of the top 100 festivals and events in Ontario. Most notably their shows TWEED, ALECK BELL, and HASTINGS! have all successfully toured across the province, and been unconventional box office hits.

This year, two Canadian celebrities will pilot their productions in Tweed, with bright futures for these shows already on the horizon. In July, Jake Epstein (Yes, that Jake Epstein, from Degrassi, Suits, Designated Survivor, and Broadway shows like Spider-man and Beautiful) will bring his show BOY FALLS FROM THE SHOW to Tweed & Co as a test run before a major Toronto Production next year. But up first, celebrated songstress Kelly Holiff will be creating her new one woman show HOT MESS in Tweed this April.

“I was there for the first time last fall for the Dark Night Cabaret, and I felt a really special connection with the people of Tweed. From the person hosting me, to the head of the board, to the enthusiastic audience at the show, the people really had a special energy, and it excites me to start and build my show there with that energy.” Says Holiff; an established Canadian performer having lead major performances at the Rogers Centre, Koerner Hall, Drayton Entertainment and Mirvish theatres to name a few. “I’m excited to play with the audience. I love having the audience as another character, and I’m excited to see how Tweed responds to my crazy.”

Audiences fell head over heels for Holiff, and Porter knew immediately that he had to strike while the iron was hot. “Kelly has a full slate of performances already lined up for 2020, and theatres knocking at her door to work on this show with her, so I knew we had to get to her first, and show her why Tweed was the perfect place to premiere this production.” Porter and Holiff are old friends from the stage, working together for the first time in 2014, and most recently in a hit production of Man of La Mancha at Drayton Entertainment. “Sharing the stage with Alex Mustakas as he sang the Impossible Dream will go down as one of my favourite theatre memories.” Says Holiff. 

Audiences at the show this spring can expect a whirlwind of story and song, as this captivating performer takes us on the strange and exciting journey of a professional performer; from touring as a duet partner with Colm Wilkinson, to behind the scenes shenanigans at Presidential galas. “The show is essentially delving in to how tough this business is versus how shiny it is. Like when I opened for president Bush and Clinton, but they forgot to set a seat at the fancy table, so I ate in a hallway with the wait staff; who were lovely people; dressed in a purple silk ballgown.”

HOT MESS: A Way Too Intimate Evening of Story and Song with Kelly Holiff is sure to be one of the hot ticket events of the season, and is an exciting opportunity for local audiences to be a part of the creation of a show that will likely play at major theatres across the province. “In the wake of shows such as last season’s Ghost Light which is now playing across the continent, we’re excited to be a part of this original creation, and gain some insight into Kelly’s process.” Says Porter. And Holiff is excited too. “Even though these stories seem far fetched cause it’s a unique life we live, the awkwardness and excitement are going to be relatable to what your life is, and the hope is to connect with as many audiences as we can. These stories are weird, and funny, and outlandish, but I think relatable and important.” HOT MESS plays for two performances only at the Marble Arts Centre in Tweed on April 25th at 7 PM and April 26th at 7 PM. Tickets are $20.00 and are available in person at the Tweed News or online at