Support HASTINGS A New Musical!


This season, join us at the Tweed Pavilion for a brand new musical retelling of the history of our county, HASTINGS!  A NEW MUSICAL!  This irreverent, foot stomping, laugh out loud new show features a stellar cast of eight actor musicians, and brand new music from some of Canada’s top composers.  We need your support for this evening of music, comedy and mayhem as we relive the founding of this beautiful region, and experience our history first hand.  HASTINGS is sure to be the entertainment highlight of the 2017 season, taking place on a beautiful new stage at the historic Tweed pavilion as part of the Canada 150 celebrations!

“When I walked into the Arts Centre I knew what to expect, I knew how good the show was going to be, and yet as I walked out of the centre, I was amazed just how far the musical surpassed my very high expectations.”

-Lacy Meeks, The Tweed News


After nine seasons of successfully creating original Canadian Musical Theatre for our audience, we want to take the next step in our development and we are thrilled to be producing our biggest musical to date!  The added costs of this project include additional cast, the creation of a new stage for the pavilion, additional instrument rentals, commisions for original music, additional sound and lighting equipment, and more!  At Tweed & Company we strive to make theatre affordable and accesible for all, and pride ourselves on offering the lowest ticket prices for professional theatre in the country.  So in order to continue producing bigger and better productions, and in order to bring more and more people into our beautiful community to experience all we have to offer, we need a small influx of funds to continue our growth.

We want you to feel as much a part of our community as we feel of yours, so please join us in this unique opoortunity to contribute first hand to the arts and culture of your community, and be a part of the magic!  We aren’t asking for a few big donations, we would be much more thrilled if in the true spirit of crowdfunding, hundreds of people donated a small amount to help make this production a reality.

“How do I know that two hours of theatre can be uplifting, humorous, energetic, educational and thought provoking? Easy – I have seen the latest work produced by Tweed & Company Theatre.”

-Andrew Willett, Theatre Aficionado


$2000: Help to cover the costs of a larger cast

$1000: Marketing & Promoting our increased number of performances

$750: Songwriting Commissions

$500: Additional Sound & Lighting Equipment

$500: Building the Unique Stage for the Pavilion

$250: Additional Instrument Rentals

“It is worth the drive to Tweed for the night to see this play and theatre fans can consider themselves lucky that Tim Porter brought this story to our area.”


TWEED & COMPANY Theatre is a creator and producer of Original Canadian Musical Theatre, as well as quality professional grassroots regional theatre.  The company formerly known as IANA Theatre has been around since the fall of 2009, and has produced three large scale original Canadian musicals, as well as countless other Canadian and international productions.  Tweed & Co is based out of the Marble Arts Centre in Tweed, ON, but also produces in Toronto, and has toured its productions around the province.



Book By: Tricia Black, Joel MacMeekin, Tim Porter, & The Tweed & Company Ensemble

Music By: Tricia Black, James King, Trevor Patt, Andre Morin, & Joseph Tritt


Director: Tim Porter

Musical Director: Tricia Black

Choreographer: Rachel Clark

Stage Manager: Emily Mewett


Rachel Clark, Tricia Black, Rebecca Guilderson, Michael Colin Jones, James King, Mike Lee, Mark Lesage, Joel MacMeekin, Amy Marie Wallace

“The plays Director, Tim Porter, is leading a masterful group of experienced, talented performers, and the quality of Mr. Porter’s productions are always top-notch.  I have greatly enjoyed attending a number of the plays Mr. Porter has directed, and I am confident that this production will be just as entertaining.  Hastings County has a rich, diverse history, and I am looking forward to seeing our story told on stage this summer.”

-Mike Bossio, MP, Hastings-Lennox & Addington 


We are so thankful for every donation, big or small.  Thank you for helping us to reach our goal!  And now that you have supported the show, make sure to come and see it!  We are incredibly proud of this production, and can’t wait to share it with the world.  Get your tickets today at

You could also help our cause by sharing the link to this crowdfunding campaign on all of your social media platforms, emailing it to friends, texting, calling, any way that you can help us spread the word!  Every dollar we raise makes a huge difference in being able to produce high quality original Canadian Musical Theatre in Hastings County, and in helping us increase our tourism and local attendance!

“With young talent like this, the future of Canadian theatre is in good hands.”

-Jack Evans, The Belleville Intelligencer