Critically acclaimed SONGBUSTER coming to Tweed!

This February, Tweed & Company is ecstatic to be bringing the wildly entertaining SONGBUSTER! An Improvised Musical to Tweed!  I have seen this show three times, and have seen three entirely different, absolutely hilarious, and overwhelmingly enjoyable productions.  The real brilliance of this show is the people behind it.  This cast is full of the best improvisers in the country, and they somehow seamlessly create a brilliant new musical right before your eyes.  The show begins with a simple suggestion.  A member of the cast reaches out to a member of the audience for a suggestion of a place.  And then they are off.  And over the next hour you will be rolling in the aisles, dancing in your seat, and laughing at the memories for days to come! 

Tweed audiences will also recognize Artistic Producer Tricia Black as one of the incredibly funny members of this ensemble.  Trish has been with us for several seasons now, starting with STALKYARD HURTS, then going on to roles in ALECK BELL, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, THE TIMES THEY ARE A CHANGIN, as well as co-writing I’LL FLY AWAY, and writing this falls upcoming Musical FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT!  

But don’t just take our word for it!  Check out these incredible reviews from SONGBUSTER’s recent NextStage Festival Performances:

“Tonight’s musical improvised by Songbuster’s cast was filled with as much catchy lyricism as hard-hitting humour. Though they had nothing but a man at a piano to support their spontaneous score, the nine improvisers were in tune in more ways than one.  The collaboration between the cast members in Songbuster was uncannily great. Over the course of the hour, they worked together seamlessly to weave rich characters into a complex plot while still leaving room for plenty of jokes.  This exemplary improv then continued throughout the show like a chain reaction, each person delivering solid laughs but never hogging the attention, allowing time for every person to contribute their own distinctive piece of the puzzle.  In short, Songbuster- An Improvised Musical is an amazing show. It’s different every night, so make sure to catch it once, or more than once, during its run at Factory Theatre.

-Julianna Romanyk, My Comedy Report

“Songbuster brings the funny with a musical twist.  A series of musical scenes unfolded, incorporating various music styles from classic musical, to country western, to blues, to ballads. Amazing work from the ensemble in this hilarious trip through family relationships and crises—and all with music and improvised lyrics, folks. And these guys can sing. Hidden WWII treasure, a closeted aunt, a shifty foreign cousin and other family secrets in the funny, surprisingly poignant, Songbuster – An Improvised Musical.”

-Life With More Cowbell

“At the beginning of a Songbuster – An Improvised Musical, one of the performers solicits a suggestion from an audience member for an exciting place where one meets people, and we were off to the races. The absolutely hilarious and completely improvised races, through which we galloped for a very funny hour.  There’s no actual point to discussing or reviewing the show I saw, since it won’t bear much resemblance to the show you see (and you should). Instead, it’s worth talking about delightful music director Tom King and the multi-talented Songbuster ensemble.  The great thing about Songbuster is that it’s fun, freewheeling and tight considering that everyone’s literally making it up as they go along. There are no more plot holes than the average episode of any modern television show, and this is a much better time.”

-Mooney On Theatre

“Yes, it does exactly what it says on the tin – in this instance, based on an audience suggestion of a creepy place to be, the incredibly talented cast improvised an hour long comedy musical (although it seemed much shorter because we were sorry when it was over). Most of these actor/singers have worked with Second City at one time or another, and all members have extensive experience with improv, and, boy, does it show! There isn’t a weak link in the bunch, and this is definitely a polished ensemble – they play off each other beautifully. I confess to a weakness for a show like this where the cast members manage to crack each other up, because if they can do that, they are guaranteed to have me in stitches, and they did, many times. I cannot recommend this show highly enough. It was deservedly sold out last night, and I suspect the same will be true for its entire run, but if you hurry, you might be lucky enough to get a ticket.”

Robert Claxton & Hugh Mosher

“Rating: NNNN.  If you think mounting a full-length musical is difficult, imagine the challenge of creating one on the spot. That’s what the talented, inspired folks behind Songbuster do every time out.  At the show I saw, with the setting (a cemetery) provided by the audience, the troupe came up with an amusing story that included a grieving son, two death-obsessed women, a grave-robber and his young protége and, of course, several supernatural creatures, from a soul-eating ghost to a dancing zombie named Charles.  Creating defined characters is one thing – but making them do interesting, believable things (at least within the context of this made-up universe) is another. And that’s where Songbuster excels, their comic characters bumping into each other, furthering the plot and, when the moment comes, breaking into song with grace, good fun and some damn clever rhymes.  Pianist and musical director Tom King deserves kudos for mixing up the show’s moods and rhythms. He and the cast seem to know exactly when a duet or ensemble number is needed, or when a power ballad can shed light on a character’s inner longing.  One of the most memorable songs included a cheerful duet about shovelling and determination: a good metaphor itself for what this brilliant troupe does.  I’d watch them perform anywhere, any time.

-Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

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You don’t want to miss this incredible show!  This much sought after production is coming to Tweed for two performances only as part of the Tweed Winter Carnival.  With constantly sold out shows, rave reviews, and an incredible cast of performers, get your tickets for this hilarious Improvised Musical today!  Two performances only at 2 PM and 7 PM.  Tickets are available at the Tweed News, or online at  We can’t wait!