I’LL FLY AWAY A Huge Success!

Well, we’re a little late on this post, but now that 2015 has wound down, we’ve finally found some time to get caught up, and share the success of our most recent production I’LL FLY AWAY!  This was one of our most successful productions to date, and we were so thrilled that the community and our patrons took to this show as much as we did.  This was definitely a project that we were passionate about, and we were so happy to see it get off the ground.  Thank you to everyone who came out and saw the show, and we hope to see you again in 2016 for one of our fantastic performances!  Lots coming up this year, so stay tuned!  And in the meantime, check out all these great reviews!

“If you don’t already have your tickets, you need to buy them for I’ll Fly away. Honestly it is easily as good as something you would see at Mirvish.”

-TRISTAN HAYNES LINDSAY, The Middle Aged Woman Who Lived In A Shoe

“I hope people take advantage of this opportunity – a great night of entertainment something for everyone. Definitely a must see- it was amazing.”



“5 Stars. I’ve been to a few shows and they are all incredible. Keep up the good work!”

-GREG LEWIS, Gaylord Hardwood Flooring

“So amazing. Such talented people.. everyone should go”


“Great show! We loved every minute! Congrats on a great opening!”


“Loved it…loved it…loved it! Still talking about it! The cast from I’ll Fly Away…what a truly awesome production. Bring lots of Kleenex ….definitely some of the best singing and harmonizing you are ever going to hear. The three Sarahs blew me away…and Joel you continue to shine brighter and brighter with each new show. Congratulations to Tim Porter , Joel MacMeekin and Tricia Black on another Canadian original play. Please come out and support the cast by filling those seats. The show starts at 7:30 tomorrow and runs until Sunday. A Five Star Production.”



“Such amazing talent! The writers, performers and everyone involved did such a great job. Throughly enjoyed the show!”


“Just returned home from I’ll Fly Away. A Broadway production at the Marble Church Arts Centre! What a talented cast. Thank you for bringing it to Tweed.”


“5 stars. Great Job!!! Will definitely be back! Awesome that we have this opportunity in the community to bring the big star actors in and give our local talents an amazing experience!! Great job girls!!”

-Susan Ross


“5 stars.  I’ll Fly Away was a fantastic show! Lots of laughs and definitely need your tissues! Gave me goosebumps!”

-Bonnie Coutts


“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thanks for a great evening”

Maril Swan


“The Marble Arts is about to brim over with talent.   I feel like sometimes I sound like a broken record, but sometimes records break at a great part of the song,
I have now seen the show three times and could easily see it again.  It was excellent. Tim put together this amazingly talented cast of professional actors (and a few really talented young locals).  The three female leads Sara Wilkinson, Sarah Strange and Sarah Higgins had the most stunningly beautiful voices, and the harmonies sent shivers.  Joel MacMeekin stole the show with his character Maverick and his impeccable comic timing.
I loved sitting in the audience and becoming lost in the excellent story every single time I went to see the show.  I loved looking around the audience to see if anyone saw me crying.  I will miss the hauntingly beautiful songs those three AMAZING Sarah’s shared every night.  I will miss seeing Joel up on that stage like a deer caught in the headlights.  I will miss Colin spitting out his drink and his “Just Wait a Tick”.  I will miss Katie’s crazy stage momma.  I will miss it all.  It was the best play that Tim has done to date, and I have seen most of them.
If there are any big time fancy smancy producers reading this, please give Tim a call.  This is a wonderful production, that deserves to grace the stage again and again.  This is a play beautifully written that honestly in my opinion deserves to win an award for writing.  It was so very good, and I really hope to see it again.”

-Tristan Lindsay, The Middle Aged Woman Who Lived In A Shoe