Well, we are firmly in 2015, and what a year it has been!!!  Right from the get go we here at TWEED & CO knew that this was going to be our most exciting season to date, and it has already exceeded all of our expectations!

2015 marks our first season as our fully re-branded TWEED & CO, and the response has been absolutely overwhelming.  With one show down, and two more incredibly exciting projects to go, we are hard at work bringing quality, original Canadian musical theatre to both a regional viewing audience, and to the incredible Toronto arts community!

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE was our first production of 2015.  A new creation by the TWEED & CO ensemble, LOVE was a one night only evening of classic love songs, love letters, poems, dance music and laughter, and it was a smashing success!!!  This almost sold old production hit home with our Tweed audience, and received a much more excited reaction than we could have even imagined.  And this was one of our favourite shows to date as well!!!

Here’s what the audience thought of ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!  Read on below to learn about our next two incredibly exciting projects, including our first ever FRINGE show, and a brand new fully staged musical coming to TWEED this fall!!!


“Great job Tim Porter and cast! The show was fantastic! Was tonight the only performance? Oh that is too bad!! So much for my great mother’s day gift idea”

-Kara Enright, Enright Cattle Co.

“Joel, Danielle, Trish, James, Tim…you were BRILLIANT! What a show…take it on the road…you guys are absolutely amazing! Feelin good right now!”

-Don DeGenova, DeGenova Consulting


“Just got home from the show – congratulations to the whole crew – it was one of the best I’ve seen yet!”

-Vicki McCulloch, VMTweed

“Jack Vance would have been proud. A great performance from a talented cast in a superb venue. “All You Need is Love” played to a near sell-out crowd May 8 at the Marble Art Centre. Tweed’s own Tim Porter and The Tweed & Company Theatre earned a prolonged standing ovation with the cast and patrons enjoying a terrific evening.  Joel MacMeekin, James King, Danielle Leger, Tricia Black were a delight with the able direction of Tim Porter in a hilarious musical romp. Anticipation for Tweed and Company’s next performance “I’ll Fly Away” to be sold out at the Marble Arts Centre October 21 – 25.  Get your tickets well in advance.”

-The Tweed and Area Arts Council

“I just wanted to say thanks to Tweed & Co. for giving such a wonderful show last night for “All You Need is Love”!!!  You guys are so talented and I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire performance. Thanks for all that you do and for bringing such wonderful things to this area. Can’t wait for the next show!!”

-Hali Letwin, Tweed Patron

“Last night I had the pleasure of seeing “Tweed & Company’s” first show… “All You Need Is Love”.  That group have the most beautiful singing voices.  Their harmonies set the hair on the back of my neck up.  I am always so blown away by Tricia Black’s pipes.  She comes up on that stage ready for comedy.  She puts on funny voices and does goofy characters, and then this huge voice comes out.  Tricia could easily be a recording artist.  I was delighted by the beautiful voice, and even more than that, I was delighted to see our community come out and support them.  It was almost a sold out house! Finally, maybe you don’t really know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Not only has this amazingly talented group come back, they have come back with a vengeance.

Stalkyard Hurts, one of their original productions has made it!  They performed at famed Lee’s Palace in Toronto, and this July they are playing at the Toronto Fringe Festival. YEAH Tweed & Company!!!!  The masses are going to see and love, our Tweed & Company.  My only hope is that they don’t love them so much that this talented group of twenty somethings forget where they came from.

What I am saying is that if you have the opportunity to see this play, go.

Incase you hadn’t figured it out, I’m really proud of our little company that could.  I can’t wait to see what amazing things their future holds.”

-Tristan Lindsay,


Tweed and Company theatre prove all you need is love and a whole lot of laughter

Tim Porter, artistic director of Tweed & Company theatre, along with his talented cast of Tricia Black, Danielle Leger, Joel MacMeekin, and James King, proved all you need is love during their performance at the Marble Art Centre in Actinolite on Friday, May 8. The show, deservedly titled ‘All You Need Is Love: A Musical Celebration’, was a tremendous success from beginning to end with audience members treated to a compilation of songs, skits, and readings, all revolving around the theme of love. Tricia Black was simply outstanding with her exquisitely strong and raspy vocals. Her unique voice seemed to hold the audience in rapture. Danielle Leger and James King also demonstrated their impressive vocal skills. While each is talented in their own right, together their voices formed an elegant and alluring harmonization. With a modern folksy sound, the duo inspired plenty of toe-tapping and hand clapping. Last but certainly not least, Joel McMeekin, who hails from Welland, Ontario, proved that while he has a trove of talents, comedy is high on the list. What some might consider the highlight of the show was when McMeekin, dressed like Cher, was joined by a Sonny inspired Tricia black, for a rendition of I’ve Got You Babe. After the show, Porter spoke briefly about his company’s recent rebranding, explaining that the intent was to have a closer connection to the Tweed community. Most of the shows are debuted in Tweed before being performed for larger audiences in major metropolitan areas. He also commented on the Marble Arts Centre’s plush new seating, air conditioning and lighting, noting how much more comfortable your theatre experience is thanks to the renovations. Porter expressed his gratitude to the season sponsors, Gaylord flooring, DeGenova consulting, AON and Moira Place, as well as production sponsor Dr. Charles Mustard Medical Corporation. Don DeGenova was more than happy to provide sponsorship, explaining “I’ve always believed in the arts, I’ve got a hidden actor inside of me”, he joked. “I also want to see Tim succeed and I think his productions are great for Tweed.” Tweed and Company theatre is excited to announce the production of a full scale original musical to debut at the Marble Arts Centre October 21 and run until October 25. ‘I’ll fly away’, written by Tricia Black, inspired by an old country jamboree radio show will feature classic and original country music. Watch for further information on this exciting production in the Tweed News.”

-Lacy Meeks, The Tweed News

“Glad it was a great success! Thanks so much for your pre show at Moira Place, the residents and staff loved you!”

-Liz Van Dijk


“Hi Tim, really enjoyed the show last night. Kudos to all in the cast. Can’t wait for the next production.”

-Linda D. Yorke, Tweed Patron

SO THANK YOU!!!  So so much to everyone who came out and enjoyed ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.  We truly love what we do and we love sharing it with you.  We can’t wait to head back to the Arts Centre for some more fantastic musical theatre!

But first!  We’ve got some big city fish to fry!  Our original Canadian Musical STALKYARD HURTS which first premiered at the Marble Arts Centre in 2012, will be making its comeback at this years 2015 Toronto Fringe Festival!  We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing this show back for a second life, for a much larger audience, in Canada’s largest theatre festival!  The show will be taking place from July 1st to 12th at Lee’s Palace!  Check out for dates, showtimes, and more info.

And also incredibly exciting, we will be returning to the Marble Arts Centre this fall with a BRAND NEW Full Scale Original Canadian Musical, ‘I’LL FLY AWAY’.  Our biggest new production since 2012’s ALECK BELL, I’LL FLY AWAY tells the story of a folk country jamboree radio show which is being forced to close their doors.  Will this loveable cast of characters be able to save their show?  Or will they be forced into accepting the future, and forging ahead into the unknown?  This visually stunning, romantic, hilarious and heartwarming musical is sure to be a great success.  Tickets go on sale soon, be sure to get yours well in advance!  Come join us this October for what is sure to be the Hastings County do not miss theatre production of the season!

Thank you again for your support, and we’ll see you at the show!

Tim Porter

Tweed and Company Theatre